SureSlim is a medically founded, safe weight loss program that enables people to lose
weight naturally. But that is only the beginning – after the weight comes off
SureSlim works to maintain weight loss through an ongoing health and wellness plan.

And it works, which is why the SureSlim team, directed by Sharon Lewis, remain so
passionate about their clients’ weight loss programs. In South Africa alone, more than
800,000 people have achieved weight loss success with SureSlim. That’s because
we only work with our clients one-on-one to apply a personalised eating plan that complements their lifestyles. To find out more about Sharon’s own personal road to wellness with SureSlim, just follow the link.

An international weight loss success

Although SureSlim was founded as a quick weight loss company, focussing on the medical solution to being overweight, our focus has since broadened to incorporate a more holistic health and wellness lifestyle approach, supported by the weight loss initiative.

In little over a decade, this philosophy has helped us grow from humble beginnings in Cape Town to become an internationally acclaimed natural weight loss program with 49 clinics in South Africa and 180 around the world.

SureSlim works because it’s designed just for you

The secret of SureSlim’s success is based on a scientific and personalised approach to weight loss, supported by extensive medical research – including nutrition, metabolic processes and hormone regulation. Simply put, SureSlim corrects your metabolism so you lose weight quickly and are able to keep it off thereafter.

Interestingly, we’ve found that most of our clients are extremely disciplined in their lives, yet they often find it difficult to control their food cravings. With the kind of service, dedication and motivation SureSlim offers these people finally have a natural way to lose weight safely and live healthier, happier lives.

Discover more about how SureSlim can help you lose weight here.