Health and Wellness Clinics – Centres of excellence for quick and healthy weight loss

SureSlim’s health and wellness clinics have changed dramatically since we were founded in 1996. The specific focus on quick and natural weight loss has evolved so that our clinics are now centres dedicated to helping people improve their health – not only through losing weight but also in maintaining a healthy lifestyle both during and after their weight loss program.

Consequently, a visit to one of SureSlim’s health and wellness clinics is much more than just about how to eat less. Our focus is on learning about you and your specific needs. That includes your physical and medical profile in relation to a personalised eating plan that suits your lifestyle. Among other things we look at the kinds of foods you like (or don’t) and how we can best help you to a healthier way of being that will keep the weight off. An underlying principle of this approach is the influence of safe medical practice through the participation of doctors and other medically qualified staff.

A supportive and motivating weight loss environment 
Everyone at SureSlim recognises the responsibility they bear in dealing with the sensitive subject of weight loss. As such, we all subscribe to the following principles:

  • To recognise the difficulties that clients may have in succeeding with their Eating Plans and therefore the importance of being understanding, nurturing and available to clients. This, on a basis that will not only support clients’ weight loss objectives but also exceed expectations wherever possible.
  • To ensure that our clinics are spotlessly maintained, bright and friendly – in keeping with the health related nature of the business.
  • To ensure that we project, in every way, the eating philosophy of SureSlim including personal practice of the SureSlim philosophy.

A proven approach to weight loss
The SureSlim Eating Plan has been extensively researched and draws upon a number of proven concepts relating to weight loss, wellness and nutrition. We create an individual, healthy and nutritionally balanced diet for each client that includes low glycemic index foods, low saturated fat foods, fruit, vegetables, starches and seeds. Ultimately, it’s all about regulating your metabolism to keep blood sugar at controllable levels as this promotes the release of hormones, including the human growth hormone, which help to turn fat into energy.

The SureSlim Eating Plan does not count calories but rather concentrates on the nutritional content of foods. It is formulated to help clients see the value of eating balanced foods to create a healthier lifestyle.

Each client undergoes blood tests that help us compile an individualised Eating Plan. The tests also help identify problems such as hypothyroidism, anaemia, diabetes, cholesterol or renal impairment that may require changes to each individual’s Eating Plan. This test also helps us to tailor a weight loss program for clients with special requirements such as teens, children, pregnant and breastfeeding women, diabetics (type 1 and 2), sportspersons and specific dietary needs like Hindu, Kosher and Halaal.

Of course our clinics also offer an environment that is friendly, comfortable and supportive of our clients’ determination to lose weight successfully.

Why not start your journey to quick and healthy weight loss today and book a free 30-minute consultation at a clinic near you?