The living slim program

Here at SureSlim we know that both weight gain and bad health are problems that
affect a number of South Africans. That is why we have come up with a lifestyle
program called Living slim that tackles the roots of these problems no matter if
they are:

  • Genetic and Hereditary Health and Weight Issues
  • Environmental Health and Lifestyle Issues
  • Emotional & Psychological Eating Issues
  • Overeating and Food Preference Problems
  • Lifestyle Choices and External Cultural or Peer Group Factors

Changing Your Bad Lifestyle Choices

It takes more than a few weeks and a slimming supplement to change a lifetime of bad eating habits. The Living slim program is NOT a quick fix or crash diet plan; because we know they don’t work. It is however a 14 Phase Lifestyle Training Program that addresses the entire range of lifestyle factors that influence your everyday health and eating life.

What are the 14 Living slim Lifestyle Phases?

The 14 Phase Living slim Lifestyle Training Program is made up of the following phases:

  1. In Depth Lifestyle Assessment
  2. Long Term Goal Setting
  3. Habit Reform
  4. Nutritional Training
  5. SureSlim Product Information
  6. Individualised Eating Plan
  7. Health and Weight Loss Tips
  8. Menu Setting & Shopping List
  9. Meal Ideas
  10. Online Support (Doctor, Psychologist)
  11. Stress & Time Management
  12. Introduction to Physical Activity
  13. Image Consulting
  14. Maintenance Program

Did you know? The Living slim lifestyle program will allow you to make the necessary lifestyle changes at a pace that you are comfortable with. There are no hidden timelines, simply a deep belief that a new you is just around the corner.

Changing Your Bad Lifestyle Choices

You’re living the SureSlim lifestyle, but are you taking full advantage of our Living slim website? It is jam-packed full of fresh inspiration and new recipes to help make every day of your eating and lifestyle plan just so much easier to organise. In fact, by simply logging into your personalised Living slim account on the website you can access daily meal planners, shopping list advisors and even groups, discussions and lifestyle related articles that will help you make every day a fun filled SureSlim day. To find out more simply go to the Living slim website or contact your nearest SureSlim clinic for more information.