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Joining a good weight loss program shouldn’t depend on your location. Sure, it’s nice to be able to have face-to-face consultations, but at SureSlim we realize that many people live in rural or remote areas where there isn’t a dedicated clinic nearby. As such we have launched the SureSlim Long Distance Program, which sees you getting the same level of support via email.

The program works on exactly the same principle as for our other clients in which we create an eating plan based on your individual needs and requirements, following a blood test. On a weekly basis, we require that you email your food diary along with your weight loss for that week to your long distance consultant. Once this has been analyzed, she will forward an email with an eating plan along with some recipe ideas and helpful hints and tips on how to maximize your weight loss. She will also answer any questions or concerns you may have at any time.

If you’re interested in joining SureSlim’s long distance program please complete and submit the form on the right and our long distance consultant will get in touch with you shortly with more information on joining a healthy weight loss program.

Long Distance Program Success Story

I have been struggling to lose the weight I picked up after I had my child. She is three years old now and reaaaallly – most mothers look FINE after a year! I did go on a diet before SureSlim and lost 25 kgs. But immediately after the diet I started picking up the pounds again!! I was getting very depressed and unhappy with my weight and health. My blood pressure sky rocketed and my energy was DOWN. My turning point came when the girl at the health shop told me how “big” I have gotten.

My immediate response was “You don’t SAY that to people” and then stormed off in a huff. And then I decided I wanted to change my lifestyle. It was November. December was coming, with all that FOOD. I had to work over the holidays and was not very impressed… and had a big wedding to go to in February… A few of my friends have been on SureSlim with incredible results. I had a peak at their eating plans and it looked very balanced. Not at all like the starvation diet I was on before! But they all live in the city – and I live in the middle of nowhere, and they thought you had to be close to a SureSlim Clinic to do the eating plan. I went on the internet and contacted SureSlim and told them about my “long distance” dilemma. Immediately I was contacted by their online support Clinic, based in Cape Town, who gave me all the information I needed and, voila, two weeks later I started my eating plan. My Christmas treat to myself was that I was going to get into better health.

I have a very high-stress job, and due to circumstances have not been on leave for MONTHS. I was tired and overworked and a single mother with not a lot of outside help. I must say if it was not for the eating plan and getting my health back in order I would probably have cracked by now. The eating plan has given me energy, both physical and mental, and got me through a very stressful time. And in that time my blood pressure has gone down to normal! And that with no prescription drugs!

The times that I have been “social” I could follow my eating plan within the rules. There were times when I was at big social dinners where I took my own food with and I must say – I ate more than they did AND my food was much nicer! My food choices have made me become much more creative in the kitchen. Most people were shocked at the amount of food I was allowed to eat and that I am looking great. I was away on a weekend with friends – self catering – and I wore a bikini for the first time in years and ate like a monster and them eating little bits of food and NOT wearing bikinis… made me feel goooood.

I am on my Lifestyle Plan now and I am still amazed that my weight is staying the same. I have found that the key is eating three healthy balanced meals a day. I eat all that is recommended and “cheat within the rules” quite a bit. But still my weight stays the same, I feel great, am never hungry and going for my yearly medical check-up now is not the great dread it was before. The SureSlim team has been great in supporting me and very encouraging with wonderful new menus! I find that SureSlim has changed my mindset with my eating habits. With a bit of planning ahead your meals and days are only a pleasure. Eating right has helped me tremendously. And the SureSlim plan is something realistic that can be maintained even after the weight has been lost.

I have lost 19 kg in less than 4 months* – and with the hope of staying there! So here is to a healthy and good looking future! All thanks to SureSlim.

– A de Witt


I must say this program has been too easy for me. I am scared I must be doing something wrong. I am following everything almost to the letter and the thing is I am not starving, I am even a bit too full, it’s scary.

How can I be full when I am eating sooooo much less? I can do 5 to 7 hours without getting a sweat or shaking. Is this how SureSlim is supposed to work? I expected too much discomfort. By the time I get to eat the fruit, the crackerbread, limitless cucumber/lettuce and THEN the seeds I AM SO FULL!
Unbelievable I tell you. I thought 1 had to suffer to lose weight, not enjoy srumptuous meals and not be a slave to hunger – so liberating. It’s sustainable and as a result I can do this! It’s possible!

– M. Washaya

“I am living in Botswana and am going through the Quick Loss program with Mandy from Durbanville. I am a type 1 insulin dependant and would love to hear my doctor say I have no more need of insulin injections. This is my long term goal. I know it will be a hard journey but I am already begining to see results. My sugar levels have begun to normalise and I must say it has been a while since I have had readings of 4.4 mmol * but now it is a constant relief to see these readings.”
– E. Omar

“I am delighted to say that this is week 3 of SureSlim for Jason and he has lost 4kg* so far. Mandy has been a fantastic “mentor” and been most encouraging at times of despair!
At the beginning of January he started eating right, cut out all alcohol and managed to lose 6kg * from just doing that. He joined SS first week of February and lost 3kg* the first week but the second week had a bit of a “booze session” which hampered things. Anyway we are very much back on track. It is the most fantastic eating plan ever. It was quite overwhelming at first but I am more prepared and it`s working well. I can`t wait to see the result in say 4 months time!!! Oh I meant to mention that we are on the across the border program. Wasn`t sure if it would work efficiently with no one around to “check up” but the support is amazing!”

– C. Watt

Felt really flat and headachy yesterday. Today I feel absolutely great! My clothes are looser, I feel more comfortable and I am walking straighter. Isn’t that SOMETHING!!! All is well with the eating plan. I am finishing my 2litres of water before supper. The food is great. I have no hunger problems. My meals fill me up! It is very cold here so I am planning to make some “legal” soup over the weekend i.e. no potatoes or sweet potatoes. Mixed vegetable or maybe broccoli and mushroom.

– Shirley

*Individual results may vary