SureSlim Medical Aid Partners – Great
Discounts on Weight Loss Programs

As SureSlim’s proven healthy weight loss programs continue to deliver effective
weight loss to thousands of South Africans, an increasing number of lifestyle
reward programs have joined forces and decided to support the SureSlim brand.

We endorse the following

Universal 360° Alpha

As a 360° Alpha member your enrolment fee will only be R995 and your monthly subscription fee will be R395. For every three month debit order that you sign, the fourth month’s subscription fee will be waived. Find out more about the Living Slim programme here.

Resolution Health’s Voila!
20% discount on a SureSlim eating plan

The Voila! wellness and loyalty programme is focused on providing you with fitness and wellness opportunities that cover all aspects of leading a happy and healthy lifestyle.

CAMAF’s Wellth
Debiting 20% off a SureSlim eating plan

This elite loyalty programme offered to CAMAF (Chartered Accountants Medical Aid Fund) members will assist you with living a healthy, fun filled and balanced lifestyle.