Adele’s SureSlim Success Story

Adele lost 7.1 kilograms in 2 months*

“I definitely look and feel great.”

Adele_1I travelled to London in 2007 and suffered from the very famous “Heathrow injection”, because of eating junk food and cheap meals to save money. After returning to South Africa I have never really been able to lose the weight that I gained overseas. I tried a few diet options that were not successful, and decided I would probably never be able to lose the weight again and so moved on.
The big change came for me when I got engaged in December 2010 and after my mother joined Sure Slim and I saw the results from just eating healthy. I then decided that I want to join as well and I was determined to make it work.

I thought that it was going to be difficult and that I would have to give up all the nice food that I used to love eating and this was not the case at all! I simply had to make a few small changes to my dietary intake, and this made a big difference for me. There are so many menu options to choose from, it is not as expensive as you would think and the best of all, you can eat the food you enjoy and lose weight at the same time. The SureSlim program for me was a life style change and also educated me on how my body reacts to certain food types.


Once my body got use to the new eating style I felt more energetic, my skin looked and felt better and I managed to fit in my favorite pair of jeans after 2 months! I lost 7.1 kg and lost centimeters around my waist and hips, which was the most important thing for me. SureSlim is not just for people that want to lose a lot of weight and with the excellent and very important support that I got from the SureSlim team, I definitely look and feel great.

*Individual results may vary