Susan’s SureSlim Success Story

Susan lost 60kg’s in 10 months!*

“From size 52 to 38!”

Susan_2January 1998 I heard about the Sure-Slim diet. Needless to say I was overweight and battling to fall pregnant, so I committed myself to attempt the diet and lost approximately 20kg but stopped about eight kilos short of my then set goal weight.  After giving birth to a healthy baby, the business of raising a child and work related stress factors I slowly forgot about the diet and just as age creeps up on us so did the lost kilos and more. Like most dieters I shelved the diet plan for later use, so I thought.

Eight years later I found myself battling to find the right size clothing, always finding it difficult to find easy fitting shoes or even doing my shoe laces, it was hardly possible to fit through tight spaces like when you want to get out of the car in a narrow parking lot. What an embarrassment, when you get onto an aeroplane you find out that the seats arm rests are suddenly to close for comfort and your seatbelt doesn’t fit, it’s far too small.  Then my poor body, when I woke up in the mornings my hips were very painful and I thought it was the just way I slept, only to realise that it was actually all the body mass I was carrying around.  On top of that, my knees started to give me problems and I struggled up stairways.

I just realised there was more to life, than to struggle, energy less, breathless, and uncomfortable with my current weight and eating habits and not being able to do things I wanted to do. Playing ball with my son was hopeless due to the fact that I could not bend properly.

I love swimming so I started to swim to swim again as a form of daily exercise, but first I had to find a costume to fit me.  Luck struck and I found one, triple the normal price!!  It took a lot of effort to pull my weight through the water. It took me 7 months and long a lot of praying to realise that it could be so much easier if I just lost weight.

So in September 2006 I took out my old diet from Sure-Slim which I had for stored 8years and started the eating program.  My husband and son supported me all the way, sacrificing those supplies of titbits and other sugar eats.  He helped me by making and weighing all my meals, lunches for work and stood by me through the difficult times helping me to stay true to the eating plan. I kept my conversations with God going to sustain me through the program, mainly while I was swimming.


I have reached my goal weight within 10 months, a total of 60kg!!!!! The Sure Slim diet is incredible and the results speak for themselves, no flabbiness as well.  Many of my family members, friends, fellow church members and even fellow workers cannot believe the difference and have asked about the Sure-Slim eating plan.  Numerous people that have not seen me for a long time confess they did not recognised me after the weight loss and said that I looked so much younger.  I must say I’m feeling great at the moment, and full of energy, I certainly do not want to be overweight ever again!!!!!

*Individual results may vary