Tania’s SureSlim Success Story

TANIA LOST 20.4kgs!*

‘Meet the new me’

Tania_1After years of finding comfort in junk food and having absolutely no control over my eating habits, having a low self-esteem and forever hiding in big baggy clothes, I decided it was time for action!

I had seen an advert on TV for SureSlim and it really appealed to me. I instantly related to one of the ladies stories and decided “If she can do it, then so can I!”

I phoned their call centre right there and then and asked them for the telephone number of their nearest Clinic. The next day, I arrived at the Clinic, in my huge size 42 pants full of doubts as by this stage I had tried literally every diet know to woman!
The care and support for me as a person that I received at that very first consultation made me even more determined to lose my excess weight for once and for all!

I entered the Clinic a week later feeling more alive and energetic than I had in a long time! I didn’t walk out the Clinic that day, I floated out the Clinic on Cloud 9 – I had lost 3.8kg! For the first time ever I didn’t reward myself with junk food, instead I decided to go and buy myself some perfume! One of the most amazing things for me during my entire transformation was that not once did I crave junk food. I had also expected my skin to be 
”saggy” after my dramatic weight loss but instead I was delighted to discover that 20.4kgs later, my skin was as taunt as ever.

The SureSlim blood tests initially showed that my cholesterol was high. My Eating Plan took this medical condition into account and after 4 weeks my cholesterol levels were stable. During a routine insurance health screen three months later, my cholesterol was checked and was still normal!Tania_2

I am now a proud size 10 and delight in walking into any clothing store and just picking something off the hanger! The only negative thing about the entire experience is that 6 years down the line, I still can’t stop shopping for my new, gorgeous size 10 body!

I can proudly say that SureSlim is definitely the way forward for people struggling with their weight.

*Individual results may vary