Wendy’s SureSlim Success Story

Wendy lost 13.4 kilograms* in 3 months*

”I never want those ‘rice packs’ back!”

WW_1I used to run half marathons when I was single and continued off and on when I got married. It all went downhill when I had my first and only child at the age of 36, this was in 2006. My husband got retrenched. I stopped running and my career and motherhood kicked in… This meant a lot of running around. Work, family and home became priority, in that order. I didn’t feature anywhere! I got depressed without knowing it… always tired, and piling on those kilos… In 2012 my husband was employed, my child was settled at pre-primary and I started wanting to feel better about myself.

Every time I walked passed a shop window and saw my reflection I was horrified. I hated the thought of dieting, but I hated the thought of exercising more, so I made a decision, I had to eat less, but how and what?

So I investigated the various services on offer viz. Weight watcher, weighless and SureSlim. I decided on SureSlim, because it suited my lifestyle better and it made sense. Off I went to the offices in Bellville and was so impressed I signed up immediately.
This was a little before Christmas 2012, but I decided there was no better time than NOW. I prevailed through the festive season and even lost a kilo. I realized this was going to be a lifestyle i.e. forever. This was going to be the new me, Wendy was getting her groove back!


My goal weight was to lose 12kg in 3 months. I lost 13.4kg instead. I never want those “rice packs” back!
Mandy was my new superhero! I am 43yrs old, look better than I did when I was 38yrs old. I cannot go back and I will not go back. Thank you SureSlim, thank you Mandy for making this possible and always being there when I feel like “giving up”.

*Individual results may vary