Zenobia’s SureSlim Success Story

Zenobia lost a amazing 22kg!*

‘I’m a new person!’

Zenobia_1In December 2012 I constantly received comments about my weight and how “I let myself go” and it hurt and I knew I had to do something about it.
My answer was SureSlim. I had seen at my previous work what “it” had done and this was my answer.

The first three weeks was a nightmare, I had to battle to say no, it was hard not to snack, drinking water was difficult but soon after it became my norm.
My weight loss showed and I found myself doing “things” with my three daughters like hiking, walking, things I just felt I didn’t have the energy to do.
I still feel my days like today when I feel like I wanna stuff my face but knowing what I have achieved motivates me and knowing I have Mandy’s support keeps me going “I have to finish” this. I have already lost 22kg.Zenobia_2

So thank you Mandy with out you I would never have even gotten to this point and I know you will be by my side for the next 8kg I need to lose.

*Individual results may vary