The doctor who became a champion for natural weight loss

Dr Ali is the consulting medical doctor for SureSlim’s natural weight loss program. As well as recording and advising on all blood test results for SureSlim since its inception in 1996, she is a practicing physician with specialised experience in helping people with weight problems.

Born in Leicester in the United Kingdom, she studied at Birmingham University Medical School where she graduated MbChB in 1978. She subsequently worked for the National Health Service training scheme for general practitioners before travelling to South Africa, eventually settling in Cape Town.

Having obtained her MFGP (a higher qualification conferring the title “family practitioner”) from the College of Medicine of South Africa in1986, Dr Ali entered private family practice in Fish Hoek. She then went on to attain a Diploma in Acupuncture from the South African Acupuncture Society in 1998, followed by a course in Obesity Management at the Foundation for Professional Development in 1999.

Dr Ali’s story

“My interest in eating problems and weight loss goes back to my student days when I shared a flat with my bulimic sister. Later, as a newly qualified doctor, I developed the same condition – making for a very unhappy time in my life. I discovered that my dietary troubles were linked to comfort eating and impulse control – a discovery that ignited a passion for learning more about healthy weight loss that has lasted ever since.

I have developed a huge empathy for people with weight and eating problems over the years, along with a deep understanding of how eating and appetite are often poles apart. It’s a medically proven fact that healthy weight loss and maintenance are far more complex than about just eating less food.

Another fact that has become apparent since being involved with SureSlim is how little the medical establishment really knows about nutrition and complementary medicine. Perhaps this was why the SureSlim concept was initially unpopular among some of my peers. Notwithstanding, SureSlim’s challenge to conventional beliefs around weight control and dietary balance – supported by several audits over the years – proves to me that the SureSlim method has been fully justified.

Losing weight is often difficult. Even more so if you have a medical condition that aggravates or complicates weight problems. I therefore recommend SureSlim’s natural weight loss programs without reservation to anyone who wishes to lose weight the healthy way.”