The road to wellness…

Sharon Lewis changed her life and that of her family with SureSlim. So impressed was she by the effectiveness of SureSlim’s weight loss programs she went on to become a franchisee and, eventually, Managing Partner of SureSlim International.

“In 1996 I weighed 108 kilograms, had endured five miscarriages and my self-esteem was at an all time low. This weight problem took control of me for 15 years and made my life a mess. I had always tried to lose weight but it just seemed to seesaw – I would lose five kilograms and then gain seven. Perhaps you know the feeling … I do because I’ve been there. I know what it is like to be overweight and unhealthy. I understand that helpless feeling you get after trying every diet, pill and shake on the market without success.

I was determined to find a way out of my fat body and the depression it caused but had no idea what to do until a friend suggested I try SureSlim.

I visited a SureSlim clinic and after a short consultation learned how my weight problem could have been due to a medical condition. Indeed, a simple blood test revealed not only pre-diabetes but also a high liver and cholesterol count – conditions I didn’t even know I had but that could be tackled with a personalised eating plan. All of a sudden light was shining at the end of the tunnel.

A shocking discovery

I lost weight within 10 days of starting my SureSlim Quick Loss Program and my food cravings disappeared along with the depression; I was full of energy and ready to face the world again and within six months I was 35 kilograms lighter!

To maintain the level of weight loss I had achieved I went onto the SureSlim Lifestyle Eating Plan. Although I was worried I might put the weight back on and lose my wonderful new body, the weight loss continued. After years of being dressed in oversized tents, trying to hide my body, I could bask in the glory of people telling me how amazing I looked. Not only that but, for the first time ever, I had found a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

SureSlim worked for my family too

Finally, thanks to SureSlim, I felt life was on my side. However, things weren’t so kind to my husband, Garth, who at 43 years old unexpectedly suffered a major heart attack. Thankfully, Garth’s fitness along with expert medical care enabled him to recover quickly. But we learned that he would have to control his cholesterol to avoid another heart attack. Garth immediately joined SureSlim, went onto a medically approved program designed for his problem and received a clear bill of health after six months.

SureSlim also worked for our daughter. After five miscarriages, doctors told me I could never have a baby – yet Brittany came into the world and proved them all wrong. She had always been a thin child but from the age of nine suddenly started putting on a lot of weight. Seeing my child starting to travel the same road I had was a nightmare. However, Brittany had seen how SureSlim had helped her parents to a healthy lifestyle and she decided to follow the SureSlim Eating Plan for children. Within nine months she achieved her goal weight and has taken complete charge of her eating habits since.

A business based on health and wellness

We were so impressed with SureSlim that I bought the company’s first franchise in Cape Town. We saw so many people lose weight with us that we bought another franchise and subsequently bought SureSlim South Africa when its owners emigrated. Today, our success speaks for itself – from humble beginnings, SureSlim has become a major player in the health industry. Today we have 49 franchises throughout South Africa, over 180 branches around the world and more than 800,000 South Africans which have experienced the benefits of our weight loss programs, since we started in 1996.
You will therefore understand that when I say SureSlim has been a life-changing experience I mean it sincerely. My experience along with those of thousands of our clients has shown me exactly how to help people lose weight the healthy way.

Get the body you know you deserve

Of course, healthy weight loss requires certain sacrifices. But I assure you the SureSlim team will be there to support you in losing weight safely and to maintain your health afterwards. I hope that you too want to achieve weight loss success with SureSlim. After all, playing small and hiding so that other people won’t feel insecure around you does not serve you or the world. One thing’s for sure, your partnership with SureSlim will help your light shine brightly and liberate you from the darkness of being overweight and unhealthy.

With best wishes for your weight loss success,”
Sharon Lewis
Managing Partner: SureSlim International.

PS. Getting started with SureSlim is easy. With just 30 minutes of your time at a free consultation you will discover how to lose weight quickly and safely.