Water – the elixir of life

Your weight loss can be enhanced greatly with a sufficient intake of water. Think of water as the healthiest thing you can consume. It’s a very simple way to improved health and weight loss because it plays such a large role in the shedding of body fat.

It is recommended that you drink eight glasses of water per day whether you are trying to lose weight or not because it helps you in so many ways:

  • Water helps suppress your appetite naturally. Many overweight people mistake thirst for a craving.
  • Overweight people generally need more water than slender people because they perspire more.
  • Water retention is not a cause of obesity. Many women retain water prior to menstruation. Cutting your intake of salt and the medically supervised use of a mild diuretic can both help reduce water retention.
  • Insufficient water intake results in the body finding hydration from internal sources such as the large bowel – this causes constipation.
  • Water is essential for your body to lubricate joints and eyes, moisturise the skin, eliminate toxic waste, prevent constipation, transport nutrients around the body and to support the central nervous system.
  • Our brains cannot function properly without adequate water.
  • The short-term effects of dehydration include nausea, fatigue, headaches and fainting. 
  • Even mild dehydration can slow your metabolism down. 
  • You should drink water throughout the day, not only when you are thirsty. In fact, thirst is one of the signals that your body is dangerously low on water.

You can get into the habit of drinking water more easily if you:

  • Carry a bottle of water in your car and take a sip at each traffic light.
  • Put water in the fridge and remove other drinks.
  • Get into the habit of drinking two glasses of water when you get up on the morning, two at lunchtime and two with dinner.
  • Put a jug of water on the table at each meal time.

Drinking water is a vital element of your weight loss plan. You will be advised of the recommended amount of water you should drink each day when you attend your SureSlim consultation.