How to lose weight the quick and
healthy way with SureSlim

To harness the power of your metabolism, SureSlim will design a personalised eating
program specifically for you.
Discovering how to lose weight and getting started
on the road to healthy weight loss is simple, fast and easy.

More importantly, you’ll also get the help, advice and support you’ll need to
improve your lifestyle and maintain a healthy body, free from excess weight.

So what does a typical weight loss program consist of?


1free 30-minute consultation


Your free 30-minute consultation is where you will meet with a consultant, discover how SureSlim will work for you and what the weight loss program consists of. This is your chance to ask questions and raise any issues you may have, including any medical condition we need to take into account in your Eating Plan.


We then send you for a blood test. This will identify a number of key factors such as your blood sugar and cholesterol levels as well as any conditions that need to be considered such as pre-diabetes or potential gout.


After a few days we’ll have your personalised eating plan ready. This will consist of three balanced and nutritious meals a day that take into account your specific requirements for healthy weight loss.


If you have any special medical or lifestyle requirements, these will be included in your program. We may recommend you follow a particular plan such as the sportspersons program or business persons program to minimise any disruption to your lifestyle.


We will want to see you for a regular consultation once a week. This is when you will come in to the clinic, weigh privately, and discuss your progress with your SureSlim consultant.


By the time you have reached your goal weight your consultant will already have your Lifestyle plan ready. This will enable you to move onto eating new and different types of foods while maintaining your healthy weight loss*. Your Lifestyle Plan is important as it will help to keep you from those old eating habits that caused you to gain weight in the first place.

When the SureSlim Lifestyle plan is strictly adhered to.


Even though you are now at your goal weight, we still encourage you to come into the clinic at least once a month so you can weigh yourself and monitor yourself at regular intervals.